The first stop on our GDL trip was the town of Tequila. This year I finally got to visit and tour the town, Only about an hour outside of Guadalajara. A tour bus can take you from downtown Guadalajara or from your Hotel to Tequila. Or you can rent a car and drive. We drove there I wanted to explore the town on my own, not on a timeline from the tour bus.


We arrived to Tequila a bit early for our town tour. We did a little exploring and drank some tequila at Jose Cuervo restaurant and Mia had a raspado(shaved ice with natural fruit flavore) from la plaza. The Town of Tequila has a very nice small town feeling with lots of history. The Town is also a pueblo magico this means that it had been selected from a group of villages whose kept its original cultural and historical treasures.


We used subete al chile tours, Our tour guide was really funny and gave us an unforgettable experience.

We started the tour on a jalapeño bus Mia’s favorite part was riding on the “chile bus”! The tour took us around the town and told us the history and legends, we had a stop at las lavadora where all of the ladies of the town used to wash their clothes. Here is a good place to purchase a few souvenirs and If you are into the supernatural this is a good place to check out.

The Factory this is where the magic happens! We learned the process of making Tequila from start to finish. We got to see the ovens, a big pile of piñas (the heart of the agave), Visited the room with all the barrels of Tequila and learned about the aging process. The factory also has a small museum and beautiful gardens where we got to try out different types of Tequila. We even learned how to drink tequila like a professional!
Mia did not try any tequila but they had some fruit for her. On our way out of the factory, they have a store where you can purchase the tequila, traditional candy, shirts, and souvenirs.


Tequila is a good one day tour town, but I do want to comeback and stay at Matices Hote de Barricas   


For our second day in GDL, we walked the streets of Tlaquepaque and the market of Tonal. Guadalajara is an incredible city with lots of things to see and food to try, It is the second largest city in Mexico so yea there is a lot you can do here! Make sure you wear your comfy walking shoes for this trip. Mia and I ventured to a Mercado for Breakfast/lunch The Mercado is about 10 min from Tlaquepaque. I love eating where the locals eat, Family style Small Gorditas food counter and a fresh orange juice for breakfast. Gorditas begin with a thick, round shaped piece of Masa dough cooked and then opened and filled with smashed pinto beans, Chile rajas, green salsa, or any filling you want. Everything is handmade the day off and it is Delicious! A market is my go-to breakfast place every time.


First stop after a having big breakfast is Tonalá, If you like to shop and eat here is the place for you. Purchase gifts or any souvenir for a fair price It is easy to find something for everyone. There are stores on the main street that open every day and on Thursdays, Is “tianguis day” like makers market were special vendors surround the main street with handmaid items. You can find anything from candy to furniture.


One thing I love about Tonala’s market day, Is that you can find all kinds of delicius street food. I had a traditional bean Torta and a potato taco. If you visit Guadalajara you have to try a torta ahogada! Torta Ahogada is one of Guadalajara’s classic dishes, Salty birote bread soaked in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with sliced onion.


But if your looking for high-end shopping then Tlaquepaque will be paradise, full of one of a kind designer boutiques. The original colonial houses remain only that now instead of families the house serve as museums, galleries, home decor shops, and restaurants for everyone to enjoy. Everything here is beautiful and artsy even the trash cans.


Jardin de Hidalgo is the perfect spot to take a few minutes to slow down relax and enjoy some popsicles. The gazebo is surrounded by small beautiful gardens, benches art vendors and street food vendors perfect for people watching and feeding the birds.
We ended the day by walking the colorful streets of Tlaquepaque. If you enjoy Art, Shopping, and Food this is the place for you.


You should also consider spending in an overnight stay to really take advantage of the night life. Tlaquepaque is home to the casuelita, Tequila and fruit drink serve inside El Parian one of the biggest bars in Guadalajara. There is so much to see in Tlaquepaque that just a few hours won’t be enough. Here are some hotels I would love to stay at next time I visit.


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