How often do you say this to your self? I really need to lose 10 pounds

For me, It was every time I had to go out to an event.
I would complain about my weight, I tried working out on my own or going to hot yoga classes but nothing really worked. People tell me you look fine your not fat or you look good for a mom But for me, it’s more than just about the weight it’s about feeling good and not wasting time on silly workouts. Do you have time for the Gym? By the time you get to the Gym, you could have been done with your at home workout.

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 I took charge of my body and started looking for a lifestyle change. Feeling good about your body is not easy, But it’s also not impossible, You have to exercise properly and eat the right food. Create a routine and making my self-accountable works best for me. I invested in the 22-day revolution cookbook the cookbook has a page that helps me meal plan for the week and a workout plan from Beachbody. I also took a photo every week to keep me motivated. The Beachbody on-demand workouts are more than just a video its a community of people just like me. My coach Paola Hernandez Facebook group page made all the difference, It keeps us all going. So far I have lost 10lb in two weeks my body feels and looks tight, I have way more energy now.  I will continue to better my body and soul If I can do it you can too

5 reasons why I love LIIFT4 workouts

  1.  you don’t have to go to a gym
  2. you have a personal instructor telling you exactly what do to and maximize your working out time without wasting time
  3. there is a modified move for people like me that aren’t in shape
  4. you can feel your self-get stronger
  5. the energy pre-workout really works without making me feel jittery.

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I’m hosting a 21 day fix challenge & back to school lunch group I’m calling it FitMingo it will start August 13. This will be an awesome opportunity for us to share school meals for our kids & start the school year feeling awesome. To be added to the group you can send me a message with add me to Facebook, Instagram.



I will be adding you guys to the group on Friday, August 10 to meal plan & prep over the weekend! I will provide the meal plan for the week, grocery list & recipes vegan and non-vegan.

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Can we all give high fives for the kids going back to school! Just kidding I know I will be a total crying mess when I have to send my little Mia to school.

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